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Scooter washing

Scooter washing? Find out how to make and keep your scooter shatterproof by washing it properly. Find out if you need to go to the car wash. Check.

Scooter no longer starts after washing

This, of course, is what you want to avoid at all costs. Does your scooter not start after washing? Then you probably washed it while it was on. You can contact us to fix your scooter again. Do you want to prevent this? Then always make sure your scooter is off when you wash it.

How can I wash my scooter?

Of course, there are several ways to wash your scooter and you can decide what is the most convenient way for you. Below you will see the 3 most common ways.

  1. scooter washing high pressure
  2. scooter washing in car wash
  3. scooter washing by hand

Having a scooter is very convenient for use, for example, to easily move yourself around a busy city. In addition, it is also very nice to be able to use a clean scooter during the hot summer days. What you are probably asking yourself is: What is the best way to wash my scooter? Through this you will read the best tips to make sure you keep your scooter clean so it always looks brand new.

What is the best way to wash my scooter?

You can keep your scooter clean in several ways. For example, you can do this with a wet cloth or with a spray. Which is the best way is up to you.

It is very easy to take your scooter to the car wash. Here you can spray it clean in one go with a hose. Here the entire exterior is then provided with a clean wash.

Besides the car wash, it is also possible to clean it by hand. Deliciously clean each part thoroughly yourself. This will then also ensure a fresh result.

You can also polish your scooter with a polisher afterwards, which will make the color stand out even more and protect the paint a bit.

What can and can't you clean?

While cleaning your scooter, it is important that you know what you can and cannot clean. Water is one of the things that is often used, so you also need to know what you can clean with it and what you cannot.

One of the most important tips is not to have the scooter on during washing. This is because if you want to clean the scooter parts, such as the engine separately also, this can become very harmful in combination with water. Furthermore, while taking the scooter apart, you will also need to make sure that the parts are thoroughly dry when they are replaced. In addition, you can also take the time to check your tire pressure, for example.

If you make sure these things are checked and done carefully nothing will happen. After reading, do you have any questions about washing your scooter? Let us know and we will make sure all your questions are answered within a short time.

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