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Causes for the problem of a Sym not starting are various. First, the battery may be dead, which is a common problem. Second, there may be a problem with the spark plug. It is crucial to check it regularly and replace it if necessary. In addition, clogged fuel lines or problems with the carburetor can cause the Sym not to start.

Sym will not start

Sym jet 50 will not start

Specific problems can occur with the Sym Jet 50. For example, the starter motor may be defective. Furthermore, there may be a dirty carburetor, especially if the scooter has been stationary for a long time. Solution: have the starter motor checked and, if necessary, clean the carburetor.

Scooter sym mio does not start

In addition to common causes, contamination in the fuel system can cause starting problems in the Sym Mio. Solution: perform a thorough cleaning of the fuel system.

Sym mio electric start does not work

On the Sym Mio, it is possible that the electric start may not work. Possible causes are a faulty starter relay or problems with the wiring. Solution: check the starting relay and wiring. Replace damaged parts.

Sym orbit 2 will not start

The Sym Orbit 2, like other models, suffers from possible starting problems. A faulty ignition or problems with the electronics may be the culprits. SOLUTION: Inspect the ignition and consider diagnosing the electronics.

Sym fiddle 2 will not start

For the Sym Fiddle 2, in addition to general starting problems, poor gasoline supply or clogged air filter may be the cause. Solution: check the gasoline supply and air filter.

Sym allo will not start

The Sym Allo may suffer from fuel system problems. A dirty fuel filter or clogged nozzles are common causes. Solution: clean or replace the fuel filter and check the nozzles.

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