Is your scooter broken or do you want to have your scooter serviced? We have listed the prices (indication) for the most common repairs for you. The exact costs depend on the brand and type of scooter. 

Scooter repair and maintenance price list

General expenses

In many cases, the mechanic will first investigate the problem and make a diagnosis. If the mechanic makes a diagnosis and you don't want to have the repair done (for example, because the scooter is too old and the cost is too high), the mechanic will charge the call-out fee + diagnosis fee with a maximum of 40 euros.


Getting Scooter €25 - €45 Depending on location
Bringing Scooter €25 - €45 Depending on location
Research costs €25 - 40 / Free If repaired, these costs are waived
Prepare damage report (free with repair) 10% of damage amount with minimum of €125 Costs for the damage report will be deducted from the repair cost and are therefore free when the repair is performed.



Scooter repair cost

The repair costs below are indicative prices. This is because the price for the repair depends on the condition of the scooter and the brand/type. Our mechanics will examine the scooter in the workshop and then discuss a cost indication with you.


Tire replacement €70 - 85
Front wheel bearings from €80
Exhaust replacement from €100
Valve adjustment from €50
ignition switch replacement (buddy and ignition switch from €80
Brake pads replacement from €50
Replacing rollers from €50
Battery replacement from €40
Carburetor cleaning from €50
Replacing the V-belt from €40
Nozzle replacement from €30 - 45
Upgrading from €75
Revision from €350 - 450


Scooter maintenance costs


Small service €75 - 120 * including parts
Major maintenance €120 - 275 * including parts

Please note that these are indicative prices. Maintenance prices depend on the type of scooter and whether parts need to be replaced. The mechanic will always contact you about the maintenance service.



Scooter Repair Service offers minor and major maintenance for your scooter!

How do you use our service?

It is very easy to schedule a repair for your scooter. The steps are outlined below:

Diagnosis is made.

The mechanic will inspect the scooter, see what the problem is with the scooter in the workshop and diagnose the problem.


You receive the diagnosis.

The mechanic will indicate the cost of the repair.

Agreement on repair?

Upon agreement, the mechanic goes to work and performs the work. No agreement? You then pay only the examination costs and any call-out charges.


You can get back on the road safely!

Together with the mechanic you discuss what kind of maintenance took place. Now that the scooter is working properly again, you can get back on the road safely!

If the mechanic makes a diagnosis and you do not wish to carry out the repair, the mechanic will charge the call-out fee of 25 euros + the diagnosis with a maximum of 40 euros.


Scooter repair? Schedule an appointment right away!

A technician is available in your area. We will contact you within one day to schedule an appointment.